Self-Consolidating Concrete Products in Toronto

TESKEY Concrete Co. Corp is proud to offer our clients in Toronto quality self-consolidating concrete products from Agilia™. With Agilia™ products, you’re getting superior flow capabilities due to the concrete’s unique flowing characteristics, that allow for easy placement in complex environments and effectively eliminate the need for vibration. 

For example, tall columns and slabs with dense rebar properties would normally require a large team to place and vibrate the materials. With Agilia™ products, you’re getting improved ease of use, which reduces construction and labour costs. Choose Agilia™ for your project for:

  • Better movement under the material’s own weight in even the tightest rebar conditions 
  • High ultimate strengths
  • The ability to place concrete without the need for vibration
  • Limiting of safety concerns associated with vibration in confined spaces.
  • A wide range of complex patterned forms

Agilia™ products are great for vertical, horizontal, blockfill, foundation and screed applications. Download the product brochure here to learn more!