Use WeatherMixTM in Your Next Toronto Construction Project

WeatherMixTM mixes are technologically formulated to address the specific needs of the construction industry. It can accelerate setting time and increase early and ultimate strengths across a wide range of cold weather and sub-freezing temperatures.*

Product quality control and commitment to service
TESKEY is committed to providing you with quality concrete products and services. Upon request, a TESKEY representative will provide assistance from pre-project planning through to installation. We stand behind our products when used in accordance with our recommendations.

The Challenge
To meet the needs of residential, commercial, and industrial design professionals, owners and contractors by providing versatile concrete products for cold weather climates. Previously, ready-mixed concrete producers and contractors looked upon fall, winter, and early spring as slower business seasons. The challenge is to create versatile concrete mixes to adapt to all of Canada’s varying cold weather conditions.

Cold Weather Concrete Pours
WeatherMixTM is specially designed to tolerate colder conditions than normal concrete. It also accelerates setting time which provides early protection against freezing at sub-freezing temperatures.

The Solution: WeatherMixTM Multi-Season Concrete
WeatherMixTM is a versatile, cold weather concrete product that meets the needs of the construction industry.

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Winter Benefits

  • Permits placement of superior quality performance concrete in temperatures as low as - 7°C*
  • Extends construction season further into the winter months
  • High-early and ultimate strengths available*
  • Meets the performance requirements of CSA and ACI specifications
  • Accelerated setting time = lower labour costs for contractors
  • Reduced or eliminated heating and protections time in cold weather
  • Insulation time reduced or eliminated
  • Earlier finishing of slabs and reduced overtime costs
  • Superior workability
  • Reduced segregation and bleeding
  • Superior finishing characteristics for flatwork and cast surfaces

Additional Benefits to Consider

  • WeatherMixTM does not contain calcium chloride or any other intentionally added chloride-containing ingredients. This makes it an excellent choice for any concrete that comes in contact with steel surfaces
  • WeatherMixTM will not initiate or promote corrosion of reinforcing steel embedded in concrete, galvanized steel floor and roof systems
  • Well above industry standards for durability due to freezing and thawing (freeze thaw resistance)
  • Superior for workability, pumpability, and placeability
  • Accelerates concrete setting times
  • Improved concrete durability, cohesiveness and plasticity
  • WatherMixTM can be placed with truck, chute, bucket, pump, or conveyer
Set Times vs Temperatures Time to 75% Design Strength

* For further inquiries about WeatherMix™ call 416-638-0340 and ask to speak to a product specialist.
Teskey is an authorized distributor of WeatherMix™. WeatherMix™ is a registered trademark of LafargeHolcim