Teskey Concrete Co. Corp: A Solid Reputation for Concrete in Toronto

When you need quality concrete products, save yourself time and come straight to Teskey Concrete Co. Corp. Located in Downsview, Toronto, we produce high-quality concrete products from our two CSA-certified plants. We carry a comprehensive range of concrete products in a variety of mixes, including CSA-specification mixes, floor mixes, residential mixes, grout mixes, caissons and shoring mixes. We also carry performance enhancers for concrete such as superplasticizers, fibre reinforcement and corrosion inhibitors. If you need special aggregates we carry 10mm stone, 10mm traprock, and 40mm stone. If required, our team of expert, experienced technicians can even help you with customized concrete mixes. 

Whatever you need, you’ll find your solution at Teskey Concrete Co. Corp; drop us a line or give us a call to get quotes, place an order, or discuss custom concrete solutions.

TESKEY Concrete Co. Corp.

20 Murray Road

Downsview, ON M3K 1T2

Phone: 416-638-0340

Fax: 416-638-4401

Sales: sales@teskeyconcrete.com ext. 117

Roy Teskey, Managing Partner: EXT 114 royteskey@teskeyconcrete.com

Mark Teskey, Managing Partner: EXT 101

Sean Ali, General Manager: EXT 103

Mark Remnant, Director of Finance: EXT 109

Jose Raposo, Director of Production, Quality, and Customer Care: EXT 115

Joanne Peios, Invoicing and Customer Queries: EXT 106

Honorato Bettencourt, Senior Administrator, Safety Manager: EXT 108